Our dog walking clients love the care and peace of mind we provide.

Me You and Lu has been providing the Brookline dog community with professional and reliable dog walking since 2009.  We offer daily dog walks with the highest level of customer service and personal attention.  We believe that dogs truly make our lives more joyful and we try to return the favor by providing Brookline’s furry friends with the exercise, fun, love and pampering they deserve.  Our goal is to provide a safe and fun-filled experience for your pup every time we walk them and to provide you with absolute peace of mind while you’re at work.

Here's what some of our clients have been barking about ...

We feel so lucky to have found Robyn and Jeff: professional, trustworthy, reliable, organized, and genuinely nice people who love what they do and the dogs that they walk. -Toby’s Parents

  While I was home on maternity leave, I got to see first hand – every day – how much Toby loves his time with Robyn. Every day Toby would trot out the door wagging his tail and, every day, after being brought back home, he’d sprint to the front window to watch Robyn walk down the front steps. I’m pretty sure if the window were open, he’d jump out and take off down the block in order to spend the whole afternoon with her. Now that I’m back at work, I love reading the daily “Pawgress Reports” when I get home, which provide a noteworthy report of the places Toby explored that day and the other dogs he met. Me You and Lu is at the top of the list of things we like about living in Brookline. They are wonderful people who provide wonderfully reliable and professional care for our dog. They come with our highest recommendation.
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One of the hardest aspects of moving from our apartment in Brookline (if not the hardest!) was switching dog walkers.  -Josie’s Mom

We absolutely LOVED having our pup, Josie, taken care of by Robyn and Jeff at Me, You and Lu. They are extremely professional; always easy to communicate with, flexible, and very attentive. They are also very sweet and personable. We looked forward to the notes that Robyn left us each day detailing what Josie had done during her walk and they even remembered when it ​was her birthday!! I had the pleasure of running into Robyn a few times in the neighborhood when I had a day off during the week and I was able to see first-hand just how excited Josie was to see her and vice versa.
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When I met Jeff, Robyn and Lulu I knew that I was on to something good for my pup Juno–and I was right. -Juno’s Mom

Prompt, courteous, professional, reliable–I could go on and on. But the story is best told by Juno. One day I happened to be working at home and right around noon time she started to run from the front door to the back door and I couldn’t figure out why–and then Jeff arrived to take her for her walk. That was one happy pup–she never gave me a second glance and off they trotted! I highly recommend Me You and Lu–your dog will thank you.
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Me You and Lu is our first experience with dog walking and we could not be happier! -Olive’s Parents

Robyn and Jeff took the time to truly get to know our Frenchie, Olive, in order to match her with other dogs with similar personality and energy for her group walks. Olive bounds out of her crate in utter excitement when Robyn and Jeff come by, and their genuine affection for their “pups” is equally apparent! They are incredibly accommodating and considerate, whether it be their flexibility with our weekly walking schedule, or little touches like remembering and celebrating Olive’s birthday or keeping her shaded in high heat. It is a relief for us knowing that Olive is so well watched over and cared for. Robyn and Jeff, and Me You and Lu, is truly something very special!
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We’ve used several dog walking services over the years, both in Boston and NYC, and we’ve never seen Lola happier than when she gets a visit from Me You and Lu. -Lola’s Parents

Jeff and Robyn find a way to perfectly balance the highest degree of professionalism with the highest degree of personal attention and care for our dog. They are reliable, dependable, communicative, caring and thoughtful, and have–more times than I can count–gone above and beyond to ensure that Lola has the best care while we’re at work. We recommend them strongly.
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Our Horace went for walks with Robyn and Jeff for years.  They provided exceptional service and were always reliable, trustworthy and kind. -Horace’s Parents

Horace misses his trips around the Rose garden with his friends and we miss seeing Robyn and the gang! We can’t endorse Me You and Lu strongly enough. Thanks for all of the great service.
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I just can’t say enough wonderful things about Me You and Lu!  It’s an incredible Brookline dog walking service that’s run by two really great people and their adorable Pug! -Olive’s Mom 

Jeff, Robyn and Lulu have been walking my Pug, Olive, almost daily since 2009, and we can’t imagine our lives with them! Robyn and Jeff are two of the friendliest, most trustworthy and hardworking people I have ever met, and I wouldn’t trust Olive with anyone else! It gives me such peace of mind to know that Robyn and Jeff will be taking excellent care of Olive while I’m away from home, and Olive loves spending time with her “pack” of walking buddies! I would highly recommend Me You and Lu to anyone and everyone with a dog they love!
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I feel so lucky to have found Me You and Lu!   -Bama’s Mom

When I first met Jeff and Robyn they assured me that they would take care of my mini Dachshund, Alabama, as if he were their own, and they were true to their word!! Bama has so much fun on his walks with Jeff and Lulu and sometimes Ralphie and Gumbo too! I think most dog owners would agree that the best part of the day is coming home to your pup at the end of a long day. It is even better when there is a “Pawgress Report” waiting for you to fill you in on all the fun adventures your dog had that day! I am so grateful for Jeff and Robyn and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a Brookline dog walker. They are wonderful to Bama and are also among the nicest and friendliest people I have ever met. I know that Bama agrees too!
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I started using Me You and Lu after meeting Jeff and Robyn in Washington Square. -Macy’s Mom

My dog walker at that time wasn’t able to continue so the timing worked out perfectly. The first thing I noticed about Jeff was how enthusiastic he was — not only about his own dog, Lulu, but at the prospect of walking my dog. Having a very energetic dog, I struggled in the past with dog walkers who merely took her outside to do her business. I really wanted someone who would care about my dog and do their best to give her what she needed – exercise! Jeff really stepped up to the plate and exceeded my expectations. My Boston Terrier now has a group of doggie friends with whom she walks and plays and truly has the best time. She comes home completely exhausted from her walks! It’s comforting knowing that she is in good hands. I would recommend Me You and Lu to anyone who wants attentive, reliable, friendly service.
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Me You and Lu is absolutely amazing!  Jeff and Robyn are friendly, accommodating and treat your dog like a part of their family. -Kole’s Mom

My Labradoodle loves his daily visits from Jeff. It’s obvious that Jeff is one of Kole’s favorite people; this story tells it all. One Saturday morning, Kole was in the kitchen looking out the window; all of a sudden he got unbelievably excited, jumping up and down, running to the back door, and wagging his tail off. I looked out the window and saw Jeff walking down the street with a few other dogs. I let Kole out and he ran straight to Jeff, jumping on him, licking him and wagging his tail like crazy! Jeff wasn’t scheduled to walk Kole that day, but seemed just as excited to see Kole as Kole was to see him. All I can say is Jeff is AWESOME… and I know his visits make Kole so happy. If you’re looking for a Brookline dog walker who will feel like a part of your family and treat your dog like royalty, you’ve found the right people!
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How wonderful it is to see my little dog so excited when Robyn or Jeff come to pick her up for her daily walk. -Espn’s Mom

Whether it be a solo walk or a group walk with her friends, I know she’s having fun and getting exercise. I look forward to coming home and finding the “Pawgress Report” about Espn’s day. I feel comforted knowing she is in such caring, responsible and trustworthy hands. Their love for dogs comes through in the amazing care they provide. I would definitely recommend Me You and Lu to any overprotective pet owner, like myself.
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Jeff walked our Jack Russell/Beagle mix, Freddie, every weekday for months while I was hugely pregnant with twins and unable to get out much. He always arrived on time, and Freddie was always thrilled to see him. -Freddie’s Mom

We took some time off when the babies arrived, but now Freddie goes out with Jeff again and he couldn’t be happier to be a part of Jeff’s pack once more. And more than being prompt and professional dog walkers, Jeff and Robyn are just all-around nice people to deal with. We feel lucky to have found them!
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There are not enough stars in the world! Highly, highly recommended! -Waldo’s Mom   

 I am a sucker for senior animals – like the old, wrinkly, sick ones that people leave behind in shelters when they ‘don’t have time to care’ anymore. Because of this, I currently live with an older than old (like waaaay old) old man dog. He’s a recent addition to our family and as sweet as can be. But, between the arthritis, the neurological problems and the senility, walking him is kind of like walking a giant boulder – a giant boulder who, if he doesn’t walk, poops all over the house. Enter Me, You, and Lu – Brookline dog walkers extraordinaire! These guys are the best. Not only are they timely, friendly, and affordable, but they have gone out of their way to make our old man’s ‘golden years’ happy. They leave detailed letters regarding each visit, help out with feedings, and always seem willing to add extra walks when needed. More importantly, our old man clearly LOVES them. In fact, he is usually more excited to see them than me – the traitor! There are not enough stars in the world! Highly, highly recommended!
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I first met Jeff while taking my dog Dexter for his usual walks after I returned from work. We had passed each other for days without my knowing he owned a Brookline dog walking business. -Dexter’s Dad

 Jeff was always very willing to stop and let my then puppy Dexter “sniff” around and play with the pack. As Jeff and I chatted, it became clear that he was someone who uniquely cared about the dogs in his care. I started using Me You and Lu shortly after and have never looked back. I have enjoyed receiving daily update notes about where Dexter had been and whom he had walked with. Jeff was even willing just to sometimes “hangout” with Dex, as he would often stubbornly refuse to venture out in the rain. I would recommend Me You and Lu to anyone who wants professional, prompt and personal service for their pet. Thank you Jeff and Robyn…and of course Lulu!
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I love dogs and I cannot say enough about how fortunate I feel to have had my Cockapoo Jasper in the loving care of Me You and Lu. -Jasper’s Mom  

One of the saddest things about moving away from Brookline is that we have to leave their loving care and friendly pack of pups. Jasper has made so many buddies! I have the utmost respect for the way that Robyn and Jeff run their business. They are professional, prompt and reliable, and it is clear that they are devoted to their clients. If you email them, they email you right back. I liked the fact that when I first signed up with Robyn and Jeff they came to our house and interviewed us to make sure that we were a mutual good fit. In the wonderful notes that they leave, they give you an idea of your dog’s walk and they always notice if there is any change in behavior. I felt that they knew Jasper and appreciated him exactly as he is. Jasper used to sleep right by the door waiting for Robyn or Jeff. I can also say that thanks to working with Me You and Lu, Jasper has become calmer, less barky and more socialized. He is a sweet trusting guy and I do attribute much of his trusting nature to these last years with Me You and Lu.
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I’m not sure there are enough superlatives to describe Me You and Lu, my level of satisfaction with their service, and, frankly, my gratitude for their work. -Friday’s Mom

Finding Me You and Lu is easily one of the best things I’ve done in the four years I’ve lived in Brookline. I had used another dog-walking service for a few months, but was not at all confident that my Scottish Terrier, Friday, was receiving adequate care and attention. I quickly found that with Me You and Lu, I could go to work every day reassured that not only was there a friendly, responsible walker to take her out midday, but also that their attention to her comfort and safety was complete and unwavering. And their level of organization was nothing short of phenomenal. They always showed for walks when they said they would and they left amazingly detailed reports of Friday’s behavior, her interaction with other dogs, and her general attitude. I should note, too, that Friday doesn’t like to walk—in fact, she just digs in her heels and refuses. Robyn and Jeff have been very patient with her less than enthusiastic approach to each day’s outing and have managed to coax Friday into regular excursions, taking her on routes that are less offensive to her delicate (stubborn Scottie) sensibilities. What’s even more remarkable is that this very anxious dog parent doesn’t give a second thought to leaving Friday every day because Me You and Lu’s consistent, dependable, all-around amazing care doesn’t leave any room for doubt. I can’t imagine anyone showing any more consideration for my pet and the security of my home than I do, but Robyn and Jeff may even put me to shame!
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I’ve used the services of Me You and Lu since December 2010 and they are incredible. -Barney’s Mom

My dog, Barney, really loves Jeff and Robyn. They are the perfect blend of animal lovers who will give a lot of attention and love to your pets, but are also incredibly organized and 100% reliable.
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I can’t speak about Lu (their dog, whom I haven’t yet met) but Robyn and Jeff run an honest, well-organized, dependable business. -Gracie’s and Lucy’s Mom

Robyn keeps the calendar, catches my e-mails, and sends the invoices with perfect accuracy. Jeff walks the dogs with humor, patience and affection. The dogs and people in our house give them an A+
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I’ve been using Robyn and Jeff for dog walking since January of 2013 as my previous dog walker moved away. Robyn and Jeff and are very good and have exceeded my expectations. -Attie’s Mom

They are responsible and level-headed while also so loving and caring to my dog. My dog is a 150 pound Boerbel rescue. He’s a senior citizen with a few issues. He barks at other dogs (although has virtually no teeth!) and Robyn and Jeff are amazing at walking him. They are always completely in control of my huge pooch. Not only is my dog a handful – but to be honest so am I! I must admit I am a bit high maintenance and Robyn and Jeff handle all my quirks with ease. I am so lucky I found them and 100% recommend them. Attie and I adore them!!!! 
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Robyn and Jeff are AMAZING!!! -Rupert’s Mom

My dog had been in doggie day care with pick up/drop off service for two years, but when we moved to Brookline, I couldn’t find something comparable. Robyn and Jeff lived in my building at the time and got good reviews so I contacted Robyn to do a meet and greet.  From the first encounter, Robyn and Jeff were prompt, courteous and professional. I loved that they did group walks since keeping my dog social and feeling like he was in a “pack” was important to me. My favorite part of my experience with them was the “Pawgress Report”. Every day when I came home, there would be a note detailing what Rupert did, who he walked with and what time they went out! It was so helpful! I’ve never been happier with the care for my little man!!!
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I would recommend Me You and Lu to anyone in Brookline with a dog.  -Lena’s Mom 

Jeff and Robyn are amazing. My dog, being a rescue, has her share of issues and it takes her a while to get used to new people. Jeff and Robyn took the time to get to know her and were so patient. They are incredibly accommodating and they have made my life so much easier! Lena now looks forward to her walks with Jeff, the only man she has ever really warmed up to. Jeff treats her like one of his own, and she comes back from walks happy and tired! I would recommend Me You and Lu to anyone in Brookline with a dog, you really can’t go wrong with Robyn and Jeff!
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If you are like me and your dog is more like a child or family member than like an actual canine, for your peace of mind please hire Robyn and Jeff. -Evanelle’s Mom

I met them on a walk and they fell in love with my Frenchie about as quickly as I did. I could not feel more comfortable with her in their capable hands. Since she has a little squishy face and needs some extra care I didn’t want to leave her with just anyone. I am confident that they showered her with love and kisses every walk that I was not able to be there. They are reasonably priced and very flexible with the times. I could not recommend them enough!
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Robyn and Jeff have mastered the delicate balance between loving our pets and running an efficient, dependable service business. -Murphy’s Dad

My skittish, year old, hound puppy, rescued from Tennessee, has accepted Robyn as a loved member of her pack. Robyn is the only person outside of immediate family able to reach my dog.  It is difficult to find providers who consistently deliver the service they have agreed to. Robyn and Jeff, however, are dependable and accountable, and I relax knowing they are on the job. Most helpful are Robyn’s schedule reminders, (for holidays and such), by email, phone or text, and her responsiveness to queries I’ve had along the same lines.  When asked, Me, You and Lu, LLC, receives my highest recommendation as the best, the most caring and reliable dog walking service, I have contracted with over the years.
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